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Windshield Wipers Service

Windshield Wipers Service

5 Important Things to Know About Windshield Wipers

What’s worse than getting caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella? Getting caught in a rainstorm with bad wiper blades is far less desirable, since your ability to see the road is the key to staying safe behind the wheel. Protect yourself and keep other drivers safe by following these five windshield wiper tips.
Spare Your Blades and Use a Scraper
In freezing weather, it’s tempting to huddle inside your warm car while your wiper blades clear the ice and snow for you. Don’t give in to this temptation. Forcing the blade mechanism to attack stubborn, encrusted ice can damage the blade arms and kill the wiper motor. Blade arms and wiper motors cost a pretty penny to replace, but you can find ice scrapers for just a couple of bucks at most gas stations. You do the math.

Allow Blades to Thaw
It’s an early winter morning, your teeth are chattering, and you’re running late for work. The last thing you want to do is sit around while your car warms up. You would be wise to give those frozen wiper blades some alone time with your defroster, though. Allow the blades to thaw a bit before operating them. This is especially important if the windshield is covered with ice. If you skip this warm-up period, you run the risk of breaking the blades or nicking your windshield.

Take Advantage of Your Gas Station
Almost all gas stations offer free window cleaning solution and paper towels for drivers. Make a habit of taking advantage of this freebie when you’re filling up. Keeping your windshield as clean as possible will protect your wipers free from debris and extend the life of your blades.

Clean the Blades
The blades on your wipers keep your windshield sparkling clean, which means you should clean the blades from time to time. When you wash your windshield at the gas pump, take a moment to wipe down the blades with a paper towel. This simple action removes the dirt, debris, and oil that inevitably accumulate over time. It’s a simple maintenance trick that prevents blade corrosion and enhances your wipers’ longevity.

Protect Your Blades
An easy way to lengthen the life of your windshield wiper blades is to douse them periodically with rubber protectant spray. The spray will help the rubber keep its elasticity and allow you to see better during violent rainstorms and other inclement weather. You can also protect your wipers by shielding the blade and arm inside a blade cover. This component envelopes the wipers like a glove, buffering them from ice-related degradation in the winter and ultraviolet (UV) damage in the summer.

Most people don’t roll out of bed excited about spending $20 to $40 on new wiper blades. Unfortunately, there comes a time when even the best-kept blades need changing. On average, you’ll need to do this about twice a year. Don’t save this task for a rainy day. Instead, invest in new windshield wiper blades before they start squeaking, streaking, or otherwise letting you down.

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