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Transmission Service & Replacement

Huntington Beach Transmission Repair

Next to your vehicles brakes, your transmission is one of the most critical aspects of your vehicle.  That’s why it is important to make sure it works correctly and is in tip top condition.

5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission

  • It has been at least 60K since the last transmission fluid exchange
  • Fluid is dark and smells
  • Hear a grinding or rattle sound
  • Vehicle does not shift
  • Vehicle surges

Automatic transmissions aren’t necessarily delicate flowers, but they do need the right things in place to keep it running like a champ. Although they don’t need to be tended to at every bat of an eye, maintenance of course is a necessary part of owning a car. It’s more like a routine checkup than it is constant babysitting to keep a transmission in good shape, and the most common mistakes that can ruin your transmission often have to do with neglect and a lack of knowledge. This might be surprising to find out, but the biggest factor in determining how long an automatic transmission will last is more dependent on the vehicle owner than it is the car manufacturer.

Possessing knowledge about your transmission and putting it to practice will have the greatest impact on your transmission’s service life, and the difference between the two can be either premature transmission failure or your transmission outlasting the rest of your vehicle.

While there are things you can do to ensure the life of your transmission, such as checking the fluids regularly, there are many things you may not be able to do.  But you don’t have to fear, if you need Huntington Beach Transmission Repair the experts at Beach Cities Auto Repair can help you.  You can stop searching now for “transmission repair near me” in Google.  Just bookmark our site, and save our phone number.

Transmission repair in Huntington Beach is as easy as reaching out to our team of experts.  Call us for transmission service or replacement in Huntington Beach.

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