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Auto repairs can be costly, but when a vehicle is properly maintained, the cost of maintenance is worth the addition to the monthly budget to minimize costly repairs. Our friend Tiffany S. from Santa Ana came to Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair on a friend’s...

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

When your auto mechanic tells you it is time to get a new car, it’s time to listen.  Before signing on the dotted line at the car dealership or with a private party, bring the vehicle to Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair for a pre-purchase Inspection. Even when...

Lifter Noise

Are you hearing a ticking sound in your vehicle, especially when you first start it up? Is your low oil pressure warning light on your dash?  If so, that sound and that light are alerting you that your vehicle may be low on oil. The first thing you want to do is check...

Evap Leak

A check engine light is not necessarily an indication of a major repair. Recently, Mark Y. came to Val & Mike’s Auto Beach Cities Auto Repair after his check engine light came on.  The first step Mark took was replacing his gas cap with a factory OEM part.  It only...

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