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Heater Service

Heater Service

The first items to check when your having car problems such as no heat are your antifreeze levels in both your radiator and your over flow tank. If the antifreeze is low then fill both your radiator and your overflow tank to the full line. A low cooling system will affect your cars heater when it is being used. If the levels of antifreeze are extremely low then make sure that you have a auto mechanic perform a coolant pressure test to look for the antifreeze leaks. Most local automobile repair shops will be able to fix your car heater problems such as a low radiator or bad blower motor resistor.


Check the operation of your blower motor inside your vehicle. Most automobile repair shops are equipped with the electrical tools needed to find your car heater problems. Your car may be fine when it comes to giving you heat but your blower motor may not be functioning properly. Make sure that your blower motor works on all three steps such as low, medium, and high. If it does not then you have an electrical problem such as a bad blower motor resistor or possibly even a bad blower motor.(dc motor) Or it can be the heater switch needs to be replaced.


Your car vents are operated by a heater control cable and sometimes vacuum from your cars engine. Check that your vents are switching from the floor position to the defrost mode and in between. If your car vents are not working then you will have to disassemble your dash board and find out why they are not switching over. Some times the automobile repair shop will find a cable has become hung up or has just fallen off of its connector. Once again if this task is to much for you then have your automobile repair shop fix this heater problem for you.

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