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Fuel Filter Service

Fuel Filter Service

Fuel filters are generally quite different in petrol and diesel cars. In petrol cars they’re often a fit-for-life component and may not need to be changed at all. They’re also often located inside the fuel tank or in an ‘inline’ location on the fuel line underneath the car. Replacing the fuel filter on a diesel car is always part of the regular service schedule (probably due to the less refined nature of diesel it tends to have more contaminants in it) Diesel filters are usually located within the engine bay and are more accessible. It’s usually required to bleed the fuel system after replacing a diesel or petrol filter. In both cases they protect the fuel injection system from debris that may accumulate in the bottom of the fuel tank or fuel lines. Some diesel filters separate out water (as well as debris) that may be in the fuel, as water can lead to damage of expensive diesel pumps and fuel injectors.

The most obvious symptom of a clogged fuel filter is lack of power under hard acceleration or up a hill. If the filter is partially blocked, it will restrict fuel flow, which, naturally, restricts the power output of the engine. A fuel filter that is left unchanged for a long time can lead to a build up of dirt in the injection system and could ultimately block an injector which would cause the engine to miss-fire.

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