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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Should I purchase an extended warranty for my vehicle?

We are often asked if it makes sense to purchase the extended car warranty policy.  An extended warranty policy can be very confusing.  The language can be difficult, and if you don’t understand the subtle wording or exactly what the warranty covers you could be disappointed once you need to use it.  Extended warranties have nothing to do with the original manufacturer’s warranty on your car.  An extended warranty is a service contract between the warranty company and you.  If you are considering buying an extended warranty for your newly purchased car, below are a few tips:

  1. Be sure you’re dealing with a solid extended warranty company. You want your warranty administrator to be able to pay your claims.
  2. Know the exact cost of your extended warranty package. If you purchased it through the dealer adding a few dollars to your monthly payment could actually end up costing you substantially more than the original price.
  3. Check the contract before you buy. Ask to see and review an actual contract.  Is the contract easy to read?  Does it clearly state what is covered?  Does it cover bumper-to-bumper, only mechanical repairs, wear and tear or all of three aspects of auto repair? Importantly, make sure the extended warranty covers overheating.
  4. Other questions to consider are: What is the out-of-pocket deductible? Is the warranty transferable when you sell the car? Importantly, does the warranty contract allow the repairs to be done at the auto repair facility of your choice and is not restricted to just the dealership?


Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair works with many of the extended vehicle warranty companies.  If you are not quite sure what your extended warranty contract covers, or if you would like to confirm that we are an approved repair shop through your warranty company, we would be happy to review your contract so you are fully prepared when it is time to use it.


What is your warranty policy on repairs?

Our warranty policy on repairs is 24 months or 24,000 miles and is covered nationally with Confidence Plus North American Warranty.

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