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Drive Axle Service

When designing axle assemblies for any type of vehicle, one of the first questions to ask is, “How will this thing move?” Below, we’ll look at some examples for simple vehicles such as rail carts and pull wagons—not just commercial vehicles. Most axle designs fall into one of two categories: Drive axles and dead axles—also known as “lazy axles.”

In a nutshell, their names describe their most basic characteristics. Drive axles are your powerful go-getter types. They’re self-propelled and hungry to get moving. Dead axles need a bit more external motivation. Without an added propulsion mechanism, they’ll remain stationary while the world passes them by.

Drive axles

Drive axles are basically any type of axle that receives torque from an internal drivetrain—typically from a drive shaft or transaxle connected to an engine. In these assemblies, the drive axle is what transfers drive power to the wheels. In turn, with enough friction and grip, the wheels will propel a vehicle forward under its own power.

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