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I recently went to Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair after my check engine light came on.  I was concern because I was getting prepared for a road trip and did not want to take a chance of my vehicle breaking down.  Mike was very professional and informative as he explained the necessary steps to diagnose my 2008 Toyota 4 Runner. An evaporative code was found and the first step they took was to replace my fuel cap.  It made perfect sense since the rubber around the cap had deteriorated.    Mike explained that when rubber deteriorates around the gas cap, it causes an evaporative leak which will activate the check engine light.  

Unfortunately, the gas cap did not clear the check engine light immediately.  At no additional charge they continued to test my evaporative system performing additional diagnostic tests and a smoke test. Their Smog Technician found computer codes indicating my Toyota 4 Runner had an additional evaporate leak.  The results indicated the evaporative hoses needed to be tighten.  After tightening the evap hoses they re-ran the tests to confirm the evaporative leaks were repaired and the system was working.  I was very happy with the service and the repair.  

Mark Y. Huntington Beach, CA


I was hearing a ticking sound when I first started my 2006 GMC Yukon and then what scared me was my low oil pressure warning light came on my dash. I came right in to Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair. They found that my Yukon had oil sludge and explained it is a common problem with the GMC trucks. Luckily I got in before any engine damage occurred. Their auto mechanic cleaned out the sludge and my Yukon is running like a champ. Thanks Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair.

Jennifer B. Westminster, CA

2006 Scion XB

I love Beach Cities Auto Repair and very grateful that I did not feel pressured to buy more than what was the most important.  I know I needed more services on my 2006 Scion XB, but I appreciated the fact that they understood my budget and concentrated on the safety items first.  I will definitely be back.  

Tiffany S. Santa Ana, CA

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