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Car Water Pump Service

Car Water Pump Service

The water pump circulates anti-freeze/coolant through the engine and radiator to prevent overheating in the engine. When temperatures dip very low, seals on the water pump can become brittle and can crack. The seals may already be worn from age, rust and dirt. Add on very cold temperatures, and the seals may fail to do the job they are intended for – to keep the anti-freeze contained in the cooling system. Leaking coolant can then wash the grease out of the bearings in the water pump, losing essential lubrication.
Defective water pumps must be replaced, as they are  not repairable. Drive (serpentine) belts that operate the water pump may also become cracked and worn with time and miles.


If your vehicle is leaking coolant, the low level of coolant can allow overheating in the engine – never a good thing. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If the temperature is elevated, stop driving immediately. Severe damage can occur, resulting in bent or damaged valves, warped engine head(s) and significantly increased repair costs (possibly engine replacement).
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