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Car Radiator Service

Car Radiator Service

Does Your Car Need Radiator Repair?

The radiator and the rest of the vehicle’s cooling system plays an important role in vehicle health. It regulates the temperature of the engine to prevent it from getting too hot and causing engine malfunction, fluid leaks and blown head gaskets. Regular cooling system maintenance is necessary and if it is forgotten or otherwise overlooked you put your car at risk of serious mechanical damage. If you experience any of these 4 signs your cooling system needs repair head to the auto repair shop right away.

Temperature Gauge

One of the first signs you will likely encounter if your cooling system is malfunctioning is an engine temperature gauge that reads in the hot zone. Be wary of this little dial as it is providing you with fair warning that something is amiss. However a faulty thermostat could cause a false reading. Either way, you will want to have the problem checked out.

Coolant Overspray

If you pop the hood of your car and notice small spots of paint removed, either congested in one area or throughout the engine bay, it is likely caused by a pinhole leak in a cooling system hose or in the radiator itself, allowing for coolant to be sprayed out. When the fluid lands on a hot engine part it will boil off, removing the paint at the same time.

Visible Coolant Leak

If you notice drips or a puddle of a bright green fluid collecting under the engine area when your car is parked you have just discovered a coolant leak. This is a very obvious sign of radiator trouble that needs to be attended to right away to avoid further complications. You may need a radiator replacement, but more often than not it is a small hose or another inexpensive part that needs to be replaced.

White Steam

Another obvious symptom of trouble is if you experience white steam coming from the engine compartment as you drive your vehicle. If this happens to you be sure to pull over right away as this a sure sign your vehicle is overheating. You may want to call your local auto shop to ask if the vehicle should be towed or if it is OK to drive once it cools down.

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