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Car Radiator Hoses Service

Car Radiator Hoses Service

Should I Replace my Radiator Hose?

Radiator Hoses

The cooling system in your vehicle is one of the most vital systems in your car. If your power steering system suddenly fails, your vehicle will become difficult to steer but no long term damage will be caused. Similarly, if your alternator fails your battery light will come on and your vehicle will only run as long as your battery can sustain power for the electronics. On the other hand, if your cooling system fails and you continue to drive, you can do significant and permanent damage to your engine requiring significant rebuilds or even a new motor. We have seen everything for blown head gaskets to cracked blocks from driving with a malfunctioning cooling system so it is extremely important to make sure everything is working properly with your cooling system.

Your vehicle’s motor requires a cooling system to help keep temperatures in the range that the motor was designed to operate within. Some smaller engines, like lawn equipment, motorcycles or even some older production cars use air cooled motors but these motors are usually relatively crude and inefficient. To extract maximum power and efficiency from an internal combustion engine it has to operate at relatively high temperatures and those temperatures have to remain relatively consistent once it’s warmed up. The cooling system in your vehicle helps expedite the warm up process, keeps the temperature constant during normal operation, and helps remove waste heat from high temperature combustion. Since your engine is designed to operate with a properly functioning cooling system, temperatures can skyrocket quickly if it fails.

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