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Brake Fluid Service

Brake Fluid Service

Why is it important to replace your brake fluid regularly?

For brake fluid to do its job properly, it is important that it is not contaminated with any other substances. The presence of air or water in the fluid could be detrimental to the performance of the car. Neither air nor water can really stand the same amount of pressure as the brake fluid needs to withstand to do its job properly.


Different ways to empty fluid

There are different methods which you can use to effectively drain off the existing brake fluid. Pressure bleeding is probably the easiest as you can buy a pressure bleeder for a small amount of money and it will take a lot of the hassle out of the draining process. The vacuum method is just as effective but it can be more expensive to get hold of a decent vacuum pump and you will have to get one which is a good fit for the width of your master cylinder to make sure that it drains the fluid properly without letting air or water in.


Simple to do, but dirty and time consuming

Changing your brake fluid yourself is not particularly difficult. It is, however, a fairly messy and time-consuming job. The tools to do the job can be costly, even if the fluid itself is relatively cheap. If you are willing to get your hands (and probably most of your clothes) dirty, then doing the job yourself will save you money. However, your local mechanic will have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to do the job properly and you could use that time to do.

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